Questions and answers

Does my child need to be toilet trained?  No, we accept children in training pants, but if we think they are ready to wear pants, we will encourage you to try.

Will my child get help with using the toilet?  Yes, we will always offer support, encouraging the children to wipe their own bottoms as they get older. We will always check to make sure they have done a good job.

Do we have to bring a water bottle?  No, we always have water available for the children to access throughout the day.

Do I have to provide snacks for my child?  No, we provide healthy snacks. There is a bowlful of snacks, such as fruit and vegetables, available for the children to self access through out the day. We also have set time for group snack time where the children choose between water and cows milk to drink. Then they choose between 2 snacks.

What happens at lunch time?  Parents provide a healthy packed lunch with a cool pack inside. One treat is allowed at the end of the meal.

What do I need to bring?  A named pair of wellies for outdoor play, a named pair of indoor shoes that your child can put on (or learn to put on themselves), a named coat and a named bag of spare clothes in case of an accident.

I’m a bit nervous about leaving my child, what shall I do?  You may stay as long as you like to settle your child. We do offer free taster sessions before the starting date to support you and your child. Two rules..Always say good bye to your child, sneaking off makes separation harder next time. If you say your are going, then you must leave, if you don’t, you are sending a mixed message and are making it harder next time.

Any other questions..please ask.


Ketton Playschool